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The Holidays at Sea…

The Holidays at Sea…

Anyone who has worked away from home knows how hard it is at anytime of the year, missing family and friends, but when it comes to the Holiday season, it is more difficult than ever.

I have been away for the Holidays three times in my life, the first time I was lucky enough to have my family come visit me for Christmas and the second time I stayed up until 4am just so I could speak to my family on Christmas morning! I was in the Caribbean at the time…worse places to be I know!

This year I am away again, on the complete other side of the world, opposite time zones in Australia and New Zealand, and although I am waking up to some stunning places, I don’t have my family or friends to share it with, of course I have my friends onboard, being a part of a cast of 16 definitely makes this time of year slightly easier, but nothing replaces the feeling of being at home with your home comforts and my Mums Christmas dinner!

These views make waking up without family and friends bit easier!…This is when we were sailing through  the Stunning Milford Sounds in New Zealand…it really is an unbelievable place.

I must say that everything is done in its utmost to make you feel as Christmassy as possible, we have a HUGE tree onboard and as you can see it is gorgeous:

These little touches definitely help with the distance. This year feels even more strange for me, as being from Manchester, Christmas is a cold time of year, when I love wrapping up in my hats and scarves, taking a trip to the German Markets, getting a big bratwurst sausage, along side some mulled wine to warm my cockles, so being mainly in sunshine this time of year is so strange! ( I am not complaining for one second that I am missing the entire UK Winter ps!)

When everyone around you is missing home, you stick together and having each other gets us all through. Of course you pine for home comforts, but it also makes you appreciate the times when you are at home. I have definitely missed putting up my tree this year and decorating my home, but someone has done all that for me here, everywhere we visit has a touch of Christmas, no matter where you are in the world…it is something that brings everyone together!

The moment I felt that true Christmas feeling was on Christmas Eve when myself, the cast and the executive members of the crew onboard did some Christmas Carolling on the Esplanade with all the guests…it had such a together feeling and really got me in the mood.

To quote Elf himself:

‘The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear!’ (No truer words spoken)

To make sure we all had a gift to open, as a cast we did a Secret Santa…I LOVE shopping in general (obviously, I am a girl haha) but I especially like shopping for others at this time of year, theres just something about putting a smile on someones face on Christmas day that makes me feel warm inside. We exchanged gifts on Christmas morning, all together, it was very special…we all know thats what Christmas is about…giving (…and maybe receiving a little haha!) and of course being with friends.

To all my loved ones who I couldn’t be with this year, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years and heres to an amazing 2017!!

Next year I will make up for being away this year I promise!

Are you away for the Holidays? Whats getting you through this season?

Lots of Love and New Year Wishes

RH xoxo

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‘007’ Dubrovnik

What a great spur of the moment booking this was! Literally had another hotel booked and realised it was too far out, leading us to search further and find Villa Dubrovnik…in my eyes THE place to stay in Dubrovnik. The location is PERFECT…you are right across from the old town…more on that in abit 007 style 👌🏼



The views are surreal…everywhere you look is a photo opportunity…I was definitely snappy happy! As you can see…you don’t have to work hard to get a good picture. There was a rooftop bar in the Hotel and watching the sunsets was stunning…I’m talking no filter necessary, this in itself is a reason to stay at Villa Dubrovnik. Situated opposite Lokrum Island. And it is just beautiful.



The restaurant within Villa Dubrovnik was great, the service was awesome, and the food was really good…we tried lunch and dinner there and both had a great choice it definitely did not disappoint.

When researching where to dine in Dubrovnik the restaurant 360 was one of the most popular options and so a reservation was made for the Saturday evening to avoid dissapointment…this place has amazing views and the location is spot on, situated within the old wall itself! The food was good although I have had better it was a lot about the presentation for me more than mind blowing flavours…the wine we chose was Sangreal, a Shiraz, not my usual choice but it was a great addition to the meal.

If you love your pan Asian flavours (which I do!) ‘Azur’ (med/thai fusion) is the place for you, it’s something different- it’s location is within the old town so the atmosphere is great! The hustle and bustle of this place adds to its pull…make sure you order the tacos-we had 2 portions! But don’t wear white pants! Because if you dribble you’re doomed! (as I found out!)

We stopped at ‘Arsenal’ for drinks to soak in the atmosphere and surroundings (bar side) looking out to the main street in old town, we drank rose perfect daytime drink in my opinion.

I myself love exploring when I go somewhere new, Dubrovnik has so much to offer…and if your a Game of Thrones fan like me then your in for a treat…I was constantly recognising bits of the old town when walking around. (Shame)


I would 100% recommend walking the Wall of Dubrovnik it has amazing views and is absolutely stunning…it’s rare that we can get such a birds eye view of a location and the red roof tops are just gorgeous…make sure give yourself enough time to really enjoy it as you will find yourself constantly stopping to take photos and the view around you we took just over a couple hours …it feels like it’s never ending (in a great way because you don’t want it to end!) Make sure you are wearing sun cream in the summer as in May it was really hot during the midday sun.

Heres a link to some walking tours around the Wall of Dubrovnik:



dsc_5532 img_3841 img_3844 img_3857


I have never been on a jet ski before…can you believe it?! I’ve always been a little scared of falling off…I know some people would say that was the fun part! 😂 Well anyway…if you go on a jet ski anywhere make it Dubrovnik…! Looking out to the ocean is amazing but looking from the ocean towards Dubrovnik and the cliffs…speechless….it was absolutely breathtaking…I was on the back of the jet ski we went quite far out and reached an island that had goats on it…interesting…(unfortunately I didn’t take my camera as I didn’t want to drop it in the sea!…so those are all mental pictures!) But as I mention earlier about the 007 style…the hotel had a boat that took you from the private beach to the old town…

I must say this was so cool!! It was so much fun I loved every it!…and if your lucky enough to get in without any other guests it’s like having your own private boat!….just awesome…! the views from this to the old town and the hotel were just stunning… one of the highlights to this trip most definitely. I can’t recommend it enough.


I have to say this one of the best places I have visited recently, a great balance of everything you need and want from a weekend away…great hotel, food, wine and explorations!

Have you been somewhere recently you would like to recommend?

Tell me about it in the comments below I would love to hear about it!


RH xoxo


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